About Us

marvinetta_shannon275Global Girls Inc. was incorporated in 2000 and has established itself as an engaging and often cutting-edge youth performing arts/arts education organization on the south side of Chicago.  We provide a safe space where girls ages 8-18 learn communication, presentation and performance skills. Over 2,000 youth participate annually in community and school based programs. During the weekly sessions, girls and a few boys learn skills to investigate their world and then turn their findings into performance pieces. The result is socially conscious, youth driven theatre that gives voice to girls’ issues and concerns.

As youth learn dance, acting and story crafting skills, they also learn communication, presentation and leadership skills: essential social/emotional skills that can transform lives, influence families and empower communities.

Global Girls office and rehearsal facilities are housed in The Global Studio, 8151 S. South Chicago Ave. The leadership team consists of highly qualified artists in their own right who are personally committed to the “Global Girl” basic values – integrity, excellence, initiative and empathy.


Our Vision

Globally, all girls have the ability to voice their stories, create opportunities, and actualize their dreams.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use the performing arts to equip African-American girls with skills that nurture their individual growth and inspire them to use their talents for positive change in their communities and throughout the world.

Our Purpose

We engage girls of color, 6 to 18 in the performing arts and equip them with strong communication and life skills. Our driving focus is to create and stage stories that help us understand our realities.

The result is socially conscious, youth driven theatre that gives voice to participant issues and concerns. Global Girls’ “Globes” develop a strong foundation of confidence in their own ideas, curiosity about the world around them, faith in their talents and abilities, and courage to become the change they want to see.

Geographical Area

Greater Chicago & Chicagoland area.

Client Referral

Youth and family service agencies, CAN-TV, schools, churches, participant referral.

Our Board & Staff

Our board and staff members are dedicated and focused to provide organizational guidance, strategy, partnerships and program initiatives that positively impact the communities we serve.


Board of Directors

Vicki Wilson, Board Chair
Marcia Thomas, Vice Chair
Talibah Mance, Treasurer
Jessica Lawson, Secretary
Charles Heath, Board Member
Mary Kroeck, Board Member
Stephanie Prather, Board Member
Brenikki Floyd, Board Member
Chaka Washington, Board Member
Kiara Jones and Jada Siler, Youth Representatives to the Board


Marvinetta Woodley-Penn, Executive/Artistic Director
Deadre Warner, Business Manager
Taris Tripplett, Facilities Manager
Jessica Griffin, Program Specialist
Ryonn Gloster, Program Specialist

2013-2014 Teaching Artists

Briana Morris
Jessica Griffin
Naimah Cyprian
Rosalind Rogers
Naomi Kinslow
Tiffany Fulson
Tiffany Bean

Junior Facilitators

Jada Siler
Kiara Jones

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