School and partner community based programs participants are invited to join the main Young Women on the Move program that meets Saturdays at The Global Studio to receive intensive dance and acting training. Girls who excel are invited to audition for Global Girls’ Everyday People Theatre.

Auditions are held twice a year (November and April). Dance and acting classes evening and weekend classes are also offered. Contact us today at

School partners include:

Brooks, White, DuBois, Fenger, Brooks, Lavizzo, Brown, Whistler, Smith, Fernwood, Haley, Metcalf, Higgins, Mann, Revere, Coles, Sherwood, Tanner, Ashe, Unity and Columbus West in Cicero and East St. Louis Lincoln Middle School.

  • Community or school based program
  • Weekly sessions, September through June
  • Performing arts training (dance, acting, singing, spoken word, etc.)
  • Investigation and discussion of girls’ issues
  • Show creation and performance
  • Ancillary skills – communication, social/emotional, team-building, leadership
  • School-based, 40 week program, weekly full day assigned teaching artist
  • Available September through June
  • Work with up to six classrooms
  • Arts integration with the class subject
  • Plan created in collaboration with the lead teacher
  • Quarterly public performance
  • Teacher in-service included
  • School or community-based program co-ed program, 30-40 participants per group
  • Seasonal or year round contract
  • Acting, singing, dance instruction
  • Show creation and production
  • End of program performance
  • School or community based
  • 10 to 12 weeks, weekly 60-90 minute meetings, 15-20 participants per group
  • Communication, research, presentation, interview and production/technical skills
  • Produce weekly 30 minute television show segments for the entire school
  • Youth led, social change project directed toward improving school culture
  1. Beauty in the Community– Youth clear trash and plant flowers at least spring through fall.
  2. Peace Makers – violence education and prevention campaign
  3. Summer Intensive Performance Camp – dance and acting training open enrollment
  4. Workshops, performances and special events (369 participants 2013-14)

Global Girls theatre group offering a fall, spring and summer season of shows as well as performances for hire. Youth company and adult company performances.